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Hardes des Acadiens celebrates Acadian culture and language through our apparel.

Our story

Our name “Hardes des Acadiens” is a nod to our mémère and grand-mère who always referred to their clothing as “hardes”. Growing up, acadian words like “hardes”, “chaviré”, and “asteur” were commonly used in our families. We are two Acadians with lineage all over the Maritimes and we grew up together in Halifax. We’re a couple of awkward besties who’ve been inseparable ever since we met in grade four at École du Carrefour.


As two members of a minority French community in Halifax, we see how challenging it is to make our Acadian heritage a part of our everyday lives. Only after becoming parents can we fully appreciate the effort it takes to pass on our culture and language to the next generation. We want our children to feel connected to their roots. We think a lot about that these days, and this was the starting point of how Hardes des Acadiens came to life. 


In the winter of 2023, we got together one night for nachos and our chats set us on a course to share our heritage in a whole new way. It planted the seeds for what is now an apparel brand that celebrates the language and culture we grew up with. Creating Hardes des Acadiens has been a journey filled with learning and challenges…but mostly it’s been a really good time.  We love what it’s become and we hope you do too!


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